USAF F-16s in Poland – Update vid!

// May 12th, 2010 // Events, The plane

Damn, I was surprised looking through my binoculars today! Instead of expected Polish Block 52+, I noticed landing Falcon with American marks on its tail! I thought I slept too short…

As it occured, 52nd VFW from Spangdahlem (Germany) is participating Squadron Exchange, practicing with Polish F-16 pilots (the official news is pointing at fighters of Lask air base but I saw USAF aircraft landing at Krzesiny. A visit? :) )! Squadron Exchange program includes BFM (Basic Fighter Manouver – 1 v 1), ACM (Air Combat Manouver) and Tactical Interception exercises.

air2airnet video

You’ll find a few pics at


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