About F-16.EU

How did F-16.EU happen, you ask? Well, one night I got tired of visiting different web sites or reading my simple RSS reader. I wanted the agregated info about – not the fastest, not the most modern of all, but – “the fighter pilot’s fighter”. And the fighter owning the hearts of so many all around the world.

Here you have the place born out of pure love to F-16. No matter if you’re a real life pilot, a virtual aviator or aviation fan. Come under F-16.EU wings!

If you have a will to write about any subject – F-16 simulator, air show, training, real or virtual squadrons activities or just want to add short news regarding Viper, I invite people all over the world to join editorial team. Just send me an e-mail at raider [ at ] F-16.EU

See you up there!


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