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Mixed Reality and realistic, fully physical F-16 fighter jet cockpit simulator

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Already in 2021, VIPER WING in collaboration with Varjo pioneered creating an unprecedented training environment that combined a fully physical fighter cockpit with mixed reality (MR/XR) – a unique blend of physical and virtual reality. Today the video is even more relevant than ever.
Humans need tangible interactions. Combined with Varjo’s mixed reality XR headsets, VIPER WING’s realistic cockpit replicas blend with the virtual environment for a simulator experience that epitomizes realism. The simulation’s visual fidelity is similar to the resolution of the human eye, allowing pilots to interact with the physical instruments in the cockpit, study maps and the kneeboard. Such setup greatly supports flight training, cockpit familiarization and emergency procedure training, providing pilots with valuable muscle memory training.

Features such as automatic adjustment of the pilot’s eye center distance and active cooling work together to prevent simulator sickness and discomfort during training with mixed reality headsets. Continue Reading

Video of Fully Physical (all knobs & switches) F-16 simulator in the fuselage

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Here it is – a brand new video preview of the cockpit for DCS, Prepar3d or BMS. Continue Reading

Ready F-16 cockpit frame for builders or full F-16 simulator – order at…

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Welcome back, Aviators! Making long story short, here is the place to start your journey with your own F-16 cockpit but also F-18 or F-35 simulator. Gents, welcome to VIPER WING! Continue Reading