Mixed Reality and realistic, fully physical F-16 fighter jet cockpit simulator

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Already in 2021, VIPER WING in collaboration with Varjo pioneered creating an unprecedented training environment that combined a fully physical fighter cockpit with mixed reality (MR/XR) – a unique blend of physical and virtual reality. Today the video is even more relevant than ever.
Humans need tangible interactions. Combined with Varjo’s mixed reality XR headsets, VIPER WING’s realistic cockpit replicas blend with the virtual environment for a simulator experience that epitomizes realism. The simulation’s visual fidelity is similar to the resolution of the human eye, allowing pilots to interact with the physical instruments in the cockpit, study maps and the kneeboard. Such setup greatly supports flight training, cockpit familiarization and emergency procedure training, providing pilots with valuable muscle memory training.

Features such as automatic adjustment of the pilot’s eye center distance and active cooling work together to prevent simulator sickness and discomfort during training with mixed reality headsets.

VIPER WING’s team ensures a perfect integration between the headset and the cockpit, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. The result is a state-of-the-art solution covering a wide range of scenarios from individual flight training to networked multi-unit cockpits for training and advanced entertainment. The solution is versatile, allowing large group participation with pilots flying alongside other units or full virtual reality stations.
The working environment for a single pilot is designed for optimal use of logistics and space. It offers unparalleled immersion in a safe and private environment.

The synergy between VIPER WING (offering F-16, F-18, F-35 and possibly other cockpit simulators) and Varjo surely proves the amazing potential of mixed reality in the field of flight simulation. The innovative combination delivers an unparalleled simulator experience, sets new standards in the industry and clearly hints at the future of flight training.


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