The world changes… for simmers too. One day you wouldn’t thought you’d build 1:1 F-16 cockpit simulator. The other, you may be incredibly close to “as real as it can get” at home.

It all changed years ago after visiting the web site born from a dream of a guy (real life pilot in the USA) who decided to deliver 1:1 MDF pits, at affordable price. As the life took over and his work is not available anymore, I decided to go step further – just after building and configuring the full 12-screens-cockpit ( one you may see at F16callsignRaider YouTube channel – now, uncomparably more advanced, professional version is available for purchase!), years of experience in corporate digital marketing, I personally engaged in creation of VIPER WING – the brand offering professionally produced 1:1  F-16 simulator cockpit frame/skeleton or full cockpit, as well as F-18 and F-35 inspired simulators, possible to buy by the investors and aviation fans around the globe.
The fighter jets cockpit frames are perfect for the needs of full switch based cockpit or glass cockpit/hybrid builders, VR, research or demonstrator systems. On the other hand, full simulators offered at the web site, provide full functionality for both home and business users.
We work with experienced engineers and huge technological background (modern CNC systems production with over 30 years experience), also delivering ready, turn-key simulators.

Switch to 4K on YouTube!

Check out: VIPERWING.com , write an e-mail at simulator@viperwing.com and do not forget to send your postal code (for price of the shipment)!


See you up there! :)

Contact me at: raider [ at ] F-16.EU or write VIPER WING directly at: simulator [ at ] VIPERWING.com

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