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Welcome back, Aviators! Making long story short, here is the place to start your journey with your own F-16 simulator. After years as a builder, figuring out solutions which were to provide fast and functional building of the VIPER, I fully engaged in creation process of the brand which happily got successful worldwide. Gents, welcome to VIPER WING!
Generally, VIPER WING offers ready, assembled, professionally produced (30 years experienced facility, in the EU) F-16 frame (skeleton) replicas and full F-16 simulators worldwide (pictures, video and prices are available at: – you will find there also customer’s reviews), which are great base for both – cockpits which are to be based on touch screens, as well as the ones with switches. It comes with ACES inspired ejection seat replica – ejection seat found in such aircraft as F-16, A-10, F-15 (yes! You may order it in black!), F-22, F-117A, B-1B, WB-57, and B-2.

Full solution, which we call Hybrid VIPER, is based on physical instruments as well as touch screens, which makes it the fastest implementation of fully functional F-16 simulator anywhere. Mind, we are talking about all major functionalities that you may find in the best F-16 simulation software – Falcon BMS.

It is common to find other offers on the sim market, which are really giving you the shell with limited functions. Not here! Hybrid VIPER gives you all – you may even ramp start the cold jet, according to procedure (turn on the jet)! That’s why our pits were chosen to serve the needs of simulation centers in many countries. Of course, we also have the satisfied individual aviators using them at their homes worldwide!

Fully equipped cockpits come with strong PC workstations, main physical instruments + 12 screens inside the pit (5 of them are touch screens). VIPER WING Hybrid VIPER offers physical instuments where you mostly use them (in front of you – like ICP replica, DED replica, MFDs) and mostly sides are based on touch screens with realistic layout.
In the new cockpit version, the pit rocks even more. The side monitors are hidden under special covers, so you have leveled side consoles surface (hardware and software is already majorly upgraded).

What is interesting, VIPER WING also produces backlit ICP keyboard replica for these frames (connected with just one USB!). It comes with a software so you may easly define keys by yourself.

Apart from sim centers and individuals worldwide, we were proud to deliver our frame to Rockwell Collins (international corporation specializing in professional aviation electronic solutions, also for military industry – for example Rockwell Collins has been awarded a contract to provide Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Air Force with sustainment services for cockpit displays on F-22 aircraft. They are also developing F-35 pilot helmets). Rockwell Collins used our VIPER WING F-16 simulator frame for the demonstrator system, at the open house held at the new Rockwell Collins Simulation and Training Center of Excellence! Here you have some review of their great solution (you may see the back of our frame on the picture in the article).

Twice we took part in world’s biggest international flight simulation event in Netherlands (FS Weekend), where we were exhibitors with VIPER WING frame and that’s just the beginning! Follow the news at and our Facebook fan page to get to know about surprises we are currently working on.

One of our newest creations is modular, light and affordable curved projection screen – take a look how it looks in this short video (turn on your speakers):

Switch to HD on YouTube!

To sum it up a bit – as I mentioned, it’s the fastest built F-16 simulator for sure and it includes:

– VIPER WING frame with ACES seat replica,

– based on best F-16 simulator software with war environment (BMS of course!),

– 12 screens (5 of them are touch screens) in the cockpit frame + main screen of your choice (not included: screen, 1 or 3 projectors or LED screen),

– ICP keyboard backlit replica,

– DED replica,

– physical MFDs,

– working Head Up Display (HUD), with specially cut, reflective glass reflecting LED image,

– Cougar HOTAS (stick and throttle replica with pressure sensor mode – stick is working like in a real fighter jet) or Saitek X-65/ X-55 (built in pressure sensor in X65),

– combat rudder pedals,

– Windows 7 based PC Workstation (i7 processor, 5 graphic cards), with all needed configuration files, ready to go.

Frame production takes 4 weeks after frame payment – they are produced by 30 years experienced company with modern CNC machines, in the EU. The whole cockpit can be ready in about 8 weeks from the order.

The frame with the seat comes safely packed on two euro pallets, so it is delivered ready to your door.

If you have any questions, I am here :) If you are interested in the shipment, remember to send your postal code.

I encourage you once more to visit our Facebook fan page
You may also follow the photo story at VIPER WING’s Instagram

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