Video of Fully Physical (all knobs & switches) F-16 simulator in the fuselage

// March 12th, 2020 // F-16 simulators

Here it is – a brand new video preview of the cockpit for DCS, Prepar3d or BMS.
Nice video teaser of a full F-16 unit. The VIPER WING’s F-16, F-18 and F-35 cockpit simulators are often delivered as multi-unit, networked environments (simulator centers, museums, etc.). Advertised as “First choice of real life pilots”, the units are shipped completely assembled to destinations worldwide (over 30 countries by now).

VIPER WING is based in the European Union with the Show room available in Poznan, west of Poland (just 2 hrs drive from Berlin, Germany). The units are built for Prepar3d, DCS, BMS.

Switch to 4K on YouTube!

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