// January 1st, 2013 // F-16 simulators

UPDATE: Below post is from 2013. If you are interested in leading, ready simulator solutions, jump directly at F-16, F-18, F-35 cockpit simulator web site, VIPERWING.com

You probably won’t find similar offer anywhere! Here is the one and only READY to fly F-16 cockpit for SALE! Check out the video (2013)!

Switch to HD on YouTube!

The major components are:

– Ready assembled and professionally painted 1:1 MDF cockpit – central unit, two sides + ACES II Seat replica (with cushions), metal glare shield.
– 10 screens setup,
– DED replica (!) – fantastic german work by Pegasus, looking like real, working like a charm,
– physical MFDs
– special cut, reflective glass for Head Up Display (HUD)
– Cougar HOTAS replica – metal throttle and stick, modified with FSSB pressure mode (stick is working like in real F-16, by REAL SIMULATOR ).
– PC Computer unit with 3 graphic cards installed, all software, configured, ready to fly (BMS)!

– authentic HGU-55 helmet + clear visor + dark visor
– authentic MBU-12 mask

If you are interested, please contact: raider@f-16.eu


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