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UPDATE: Below post is from 2013. If you are interested in great, ready simulator solutions, jump to this news or directly at VIPERWING.com

You won’t find another offer ANYWHERE! Here is the one and only READY to fly cockpit for SALE! Check out the video!

Switch to HD on YouTube!

The major components are:

– Ready assembled and professionally painted 1:1 MDF cockpit – central unit, two sides + ACES II Seat replica (with cushions), metal glare shield.
– 10 screens setup (4 of them are touch screens),
– DED replica (!) – fantastic german work by Pegasus, looking like real, working like a charm (it’s worth 400 Euro itself)
– physical MFDs
– special cut, reflective glass for Head Up Display (HUD)
– Cougar HOTAS replica – metal throttle and stick, modified with FSSB pressure mode (stick is working like in real F-16, by REAL SIMULATOR ). Only the FSSB mode itself costed about 400 Euro (of coure not counting stick and throttle)
– Win7 Computer unit with 3 graphic cards installed, all software, configured, ready to fly (BMS)!

– authentic HGU-55 helmet + clear visor + dark visor
– authentic MBU-12 mask

If you are interested, write at: raider@f-16.eu


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